James Cameron considering Avatar 2 To Be The Highest-[Grossing] Film Once Again Since It Was Taken Over By Avengers Endgame.


Many big movies come and go, and Avatar still being the highest-grossing film that has global appeal. The video, released in 2009, has gigantic plans for its sequel. The filmmakers have taken a lot of time for its sequel, and now the second and the third sequels of Avatar are actually in production. Here is everything you must know about Avatar 2.

The release date of Avatar was before set in 2015 and at Christmas times. But it got delayed again and again. But finally, the release date has been declared. Avatar 2 to be coming on December 17, 2021. The original Avatar had received a PG-13 rating. Avatar 2 and the other sequels surely expect the same rank and the same response.

The work done by James Cameron in Avatar was passionate. The development of scripts, technology was a work of years. So for sure, he won’t give the sequels to someone else. James Cameron will continue not only in Avatar 2 but also in 3,4 and 5. This time he has a lot of big plans for the technology of the movie and has planned to do underwater shooting this time.

Avatar 2 doesn’t have any subtitles decided yet. For the script of the coming sequels, James Cameron has brought a team of collaborators, including Josh Friedman, Rick Jaffa, Amanda Silver, and Shane Salerno. The plot hasn’t been revealed yet, but the directors say that the sequels will ” introduce new worlds, habitats, and cultures.” It means that new alien species could be seen. It is known that Avatar 2 story will focus on the oceans of the planet Pandora.

The main character of the Avatar “Jake Sully” will be coming back in the sequel. Sam Worthington has already signed a deal for the sequel and will play human-turned-Na’ vi Jake Sully for the foreseeable future. With Jake Sully, his alien love Zoe Saldana as “Neytiri” will also appear in the Avatar 2,3,4 and 5. Dr. Augustine, who died in Avatar, will come back in the coming sequels.

The audience may have thought that the villain has died. But that’s not true. He will continue to come with his force in the coming sequels. Other returning characters include Dileep Rao played Dr. Max Patel,¬†Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman, CCH Pounder will be back as Mo’ at. Many new young characters will be joining Avatar 2. The story will mainly rely on the children of Jack and Neytiri. Avatar 2 will reveal a modern civilization of pandora.

Also, there will be something amazing and new in technology in the coming sequels. It may be a combination of 4k resolution, 3D, and high frame rates. James is willing to use the 3D technology in which the audience are not required to wear glasses. Although the technology is not available yet. So surely a lot to come in the coming sequels of Avatar.

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