Guardians of the Galaxy 3 Netflix Revealed The Date Things You Should Know Before Watching New Plots Spoilers What Are Beheaded Celestials?


A marvel movie that is so funny? No that cannot be a clue. They have many funny movies.

A marvel movie with a tree?

And that is where you say. I AM GROOT.

Yes, that is right on point. I am talking about the guardians of the Galaxy.

Anything special?

That was something you do not expect out of a Marvel movie. But the concept of infinity stones was introduced in this film. Also, remember the supervillain of the previous phase. The blue giant mad titan. Thanos.

Yes, he first made his appearance in a Guardians of the Galaxy film. And towards the end of the final film “The End Game,” we see Thor joining the Guardians of the Galaxy team on their space ship. Or more accurately Starlord’s space ship.

That was interpreted to lead to the incidents of the comic book called Asgardians of the galaxy. You see what they did there. Don’t You?

But now we have news regarding the release of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. SO let me share everything I know about this. Keep reading to know all about it.

What will the film be about?

Remember what happened in the last volume of Guardians of the Galaxy. “Ego” Star lord’s father took him to his planet. And this is where they reveal that star lord is celestial.

Although it was revealed a bit in the first film. Oh no, I am not talking about the scene with his mother in the hospital at the beginning of the film. I am talking about the end of the first film. I mean he was able to contain the power of an infinity stone. That is where it was revealed at first.

And now ego confirms it. But Ego says that his powers are from the heart of the planet they are from the heart of the planet. And now that the planet is destroyed it seems that his powers are lost and stuff. But we can kind of feel he had already had his power for his whole life.

So we might be able to dig a little deeper into this topic.

About the release

The film has just begun its pre-production. And is not expected at least until 2021. So we have to wait to know where is the film supposed to be on the MCU timeline.


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