Monster Hunter Riders – Official Announcement Reveal Trailer & New Updates You Really Dont Want To Miss


Gamers all around the world who prefer RPGs have much reason to cheer. The Monster Hunter franchise is returning this year with its latest release. The action-packed gaming series has been ruling supreme in Japan for a long while now. The franchise first made its debut on Play Station 2 in 2004.

Since then, it has become one of Capcome’s best gaming series. Second only to the popular Resident Evil. The upcoming Monster Hunter Riders will be set in the fictional land of Felgia. Where for centuries, humans have been co-existing with monsters. But with unrest brewing, darkness is beginning to spread over the land.

Monster Hunter Riders: When is it Releasing?

There is much conflicting information about the release of the game so far. The trailer of the game, which was recently released, announced the game to come out later this year. At the same time, the app store mentions the release to be on February 29, 2020, makes no sense. But what does make sense is that the game is open for pre-registration on Android and iOS devices.

However, that is not for every country. At present, the game will be available only in Japan. There has been no announcement whether the game will be available in the rest of the world. But considering the franchise’s record and popularity in the West, that is only a matter of time. So there is no reason to grow concerned just yet.

Monster Hunter Riders: How will be the Gameplay?

The RPG is not going to skimp out on the action. Taking place in Felgia, the gamers will gain access to the fictional land and surrounding areas. There is going to be multiple side journeys and mission to hold the attraction of the players. When not doing that, be a trap into fighting or trapping monsters larger than yourself.

The game promises to bring new action moves and deadlier weapons. At the backdrop of picturesque landscapes, gamers shall have to complete different missions to earn rewards. One can use these rewards for upgrading your weapons and health. The multiplayer feature of the series will be continuing here as well.

Monster Hunter Riders: What is the Story?

The fictional land of Felgia is a great place to live. Humans and monsters live here peacefully, helping out one another. The reason for this arrangement was the efforts of “The Ten Great Dragon Knights.” These men saved the land from a great crisis and ushered in a new era of peace.

That has seen the humans striking a friendly relationship with the monsters. But after centuries, their unity is threatened. As dark clouds of chaos loom over, the two groups have to fight for the safety of their land and future.

Monster Hunter Riders: Is the trailer out?

The trailer of the game came out just this January. The action-packed first glimpse has made every gamer hopeful about immersive Gameplay.

The Monster Hunter franchise has been quite popular with fans. With the new game launching on handheld devices, it aims to become more accessible to fans. While the world waits in expectation, the creators will be looking to nail their craft once again.