The 100 Season 7 Big [SPOILERS] ,This Season’s Connection With Last Season, Interesting Cast.


A hundred kids are returning to earth after it turns uninhabitable. Sounds fantastic and familiar? Well, it is. A post-apocalyptic series, The 100 is coming back for Season 7! Yes, spaceships, highly developed AI systems, rockets, everything is returning to us. For more details, keep reading.

Release date and Trailer

During the premiere of Season 6, CW confirmed the release of the show’s seventh installment soon. However, the publication has not yet been narrowed to a particular date. Our best bet is that it will be released in mid-2020.

While you can find many videos related to Season 7, none of them are official. Sadly, no teasers or trailers are being released by CW yet. But we are expecting one very soon and as soon as there is one we will let you know.


Starting with the lead actor, the character of Clarke Griffin will certainly return being played by Eliza Taylor.

We believe Eliza will be accompanied by Marie Avgeropoulos playing Octavia Blake, Bob Morley playing Bellamy Blake, Christopher Larkin playing Monty Green, and Lindsey Morgan playing Raven Reyes.

Plot: What to expect from Season 7?

The 100, Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake, Season 5

For the seventh installment, we expect that the storyline will pick up from the finale of Season 6. No quick jumps. This means that we will be seeing how Bellamy will try to understand what exactly happened with her sister and how.  We couldn’t see what happened to Octavia. Though it seems like she is dead, anything is possible. We have to wait and watch. And honestly, we are expecting a big turn here. 100’s Season 7 is expected to include 16 episodes, which is three more than usual.

Our sources suggest that although Jason Rothenberg stated that it would be the last season for the 100, it may provide a path for a potential prequel. That will be amazing, isn’t it? But to be sure, we got to wait a bit before the show airs on CW.

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