The Dragon Prince Season 4 Rumors About Its Cancellation, Latest Updates You Should Know


Viewers of The Dragon Prince tuned in for an afternoon session in July of this year. It was a 40-minute panel featuring the Netflix animated series’ cast. There were the co-creators as well as performing skits and answering questions that the fans were keen on knowing. To say the least, no one expected a Season Four’s official announcement, let alone what was actually revealed in the [email protected]’s final panel.

As many have missed the panel of the [email protected], no need to fret. As here is everything to know about the Dragon Prince Season Four rumours about its cancellation and all the latest updates to keep in mind.

Latest Updates on The Dragon Prince Season 4

Since Dragon Prince co-creators Aaron Ehasz revealed, Netflix has picked up The Dragon Prince for Season 4. But that’s not all. It seems that the streaming service may not after all continue with airing the “entire saga.”

When the statement was spoken, the cast appeared to be in a shock and excitement at the same time.

But wait, what exactly is┬áThe Dragon Prince┬ásaga? Well, about a year ago at Comic-Con of 2019, the show’s creators proposed a seven-season arc.

As many know that The Dragon Prince Season Four is the Earth. Just like Avatar: The Last Airbender, which Ehasz was also a part of.

Dragon Prince technically refers to each season as the book. But beyond that, nobody knows much about the future of the series.
Well, except the basic structure of two-season arcs that everyone knows of from Comic-Con 2019. Last year, the showrunners also hinted on some details with Inverse that Season Four would continue to follow the same main characters, despite representing the start of a new segment in the saga. It, unfortunately, does not seem that that the plans are being followed up.

Rumors About Its Cancellation

Following that 2019 announcement, The Dragon Prince fans are consistently pushing Netflix for what they want. That too to renew the series for the entire saga using the hashtag #giveusthesaga, and it seems this strategy may work. Of course, it also may help that animation is one of the few things that can still be produced during the coronavirus pandemic.

As for a specific release date, there is no information when Dragon Prince Season Four will arrive, which makes the situation sceptical. It is likely that a script already exists (or at least a general outline). But beyond that, nobody knows if production has even begun. Based on the cast’s reaction, as many would-be guessing, the answer is no.

For more, make sure to check out the full panel video to get better insights. The video apparently also includes a couple of cute skits.
It also has footage of the one where the show’s characters try to play Dungeons and Dragons. There is also the announcement of a Dragon Princetable-top game. Even a new graphic novel that takes place immediately after Season Three, which Ehasz confirms, counts as “canon.”

There are a lot of things coming up for the fans. 2021 will be a great year, let’s hope to enjoy to our fullest with all the new awesome releases coming up.
Till then stay safe and peace out.