Vikings Season 6- When Will Vikings Return? Did Igor Of Kiev Really Exists?


Vikings season 6 has aired on Amazon Prime and we have a new update! Will this be the end of Vikings? Read to find out. 

Vikings is a historical drama web series. It is created and written by Michael Hirst, who is an English screenwriter and producer best known for Elizabeth(1998). 

When will Vikings return? 

The Emmy Award show is in its last season. This news was confirmed by the History Channel on which the show airs. 

There are going to be 20 episodes in this season split into 2 parts. The show’s final season released on December 4 in the UK and a day after, on December 5 on Amazon Prime. 

But we don’t have a date for part 2 release. Don’t worry guys, as soon as we have an update, we will tell you here, so bookmark the page! 

Did Igor Of Kiev Exist?


This is a question fans are desperate to answer to! Who was Igor? Was he real? Did he exist? 

The answer is, yes. We got to know about Prince Igor during the beginning of season 6. Since his introduction, there have been speculations about his origin. 

Igor of Kyiv was the ruler of Kievan Rus’ from 912 to 945. His full name was Ingvar Eriksen. Igor was the only son of king Rurik, hence the rightful heir to Kievan Rus’. 

He succeeded Oleg of Novgorod and was proceeded by Saint Olga, after his death in 945. 

Very little is known about him. All the information that we have is extracted from The Primary Chronicle which was written 200 years after his demise. 



Episode 9 of season 6 titled Resurrection has already aired on 29 Jan on Amazon Prime. Now the next episode The Best Laid Plans is set to air on February 5. And we can’t wait!


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