75 The Dragon Prince Season 4 Leaked Trailer, Cast, Plot And What Interesting Plot Can Be Seen?


The most loved animated series of Netflix- The Dragon Prince entertained us with three seasons with its magical story and now it’s time for the fourth one. To know all the details about season 4 read this article.

When is The Dragon Prince Season 4 Releasing?

Show makers did not officially announce season 4 of Dragon Prince so we might have to wait for the confirmation of renewal first before doing the guesswork for the release date.

Who is in the cast of The Dragon Prince Season 4?

The cast of Dragon Prince includes characters as well as the voice performers of those characters. The young man Katolis’s prince Ezran, played by Sasha Rojen, has a soul that can speak to and understand animals. Callum is the step-brother of Ezran and the first human to have supernatural powers but not having first stone, portrayed by Jack DeSena. Rayla (Paula Burrows) is accompanied by an assassin of the Moonshadow Elf, who joins Callum and Ezran in their adventures to return the egg dragon to the rightful parents.

Jason Simpson is playing Viren, the chief adversary, and counselor to King Harrow. Viren is an expert on dark magic and wants every being on earth to master this art. Claudia (Racquel Belmonte) is the daughter of Viren and an extremely talented dark mage. Jesse Inocalla is playing Soren, a stupid soldier.

What will happen in The Dragon Prince Season 4?

Almost all events of the series take place in Xadia’s imaginative world and mysterious kingdom. The force if this world resides in the six elements, which are- sun, moon, stars, earth, atmosphere, and ocean. As humans of the world have started using black magic, this threatens the lives of other people living in the world and ultimately Xadian elves and dragons throw them away.

The boundary if these two ecosystems are protected by the Dragon King, who 12 centuries later is killed by humans. If his egg is also destroyed, then the King will remain heirless. While elves try to kill the human ruler Harrow and his son Prince Ezran. Learning that the king’s virus counselor is stealing his egg, Rayla, Ezran, and Callum decides to return the egg to the rightful parents to avoid the next battle.

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