Alita: Battle Angel 2 Latest[UPDATE], Theories, Cast, Plot, Trailers, We Have Every Single Detail For You


Alita is a film released in 2019 based on the times of 1990 Japanese manga series Gummn. It is an American cyberpunk film directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron.

Laeta Kalogridis wrote the script. Rosa Salazar was the main lead as Alita. The movie starts when Alita wakes up with a new body and has lost her memory.

James Cameron Alita has released this ear; however, it received mixed reviews of the audience. The movie didn’t have a dedicated fanbase however grossed $404.9 million at the box office. So as the film didn’t have much fan following, so it is not expected to have a sequel of it.

However, if Disney gives a green signal to it so it may happen, Rosa Salazar revealed in July 2019 that she had not received any information regarding the sequel of Alita. However, the first movie was planned with the mind that there would be a sequel surely.

However, if the sequel comes, then the plot can be predicted. In the first part, she lost her lover and became a motor ball champion. Now she knows that who she is, and the story will continue forward. However, the director said that it’s ok if the first one failed. So we can expect a sequel of Alita.

Rosa Salazar¬†will surely be Alita in the sequel if it happened. Christoph Waltz could also be back along with Edward Norton, so although it hasn’t been confirmed that sequel will happen or not due to the mixed reviews of part one.

So there may or may not be the arrival of the sequel. So nothing can be said about it. However, if it happened, there would not be any changes in its cast. However, some new characters can be introduced. And also, the story will carry forward or may take a part of going back in time.

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