Attack On Titan Season 4 When Can We Expect Show On Screens? What Are The Plot Details?


“Attack on Titans” is precisely one of the current ‘titans’ in the manga and anime industry. The work of Hajime Isayama has managed to bring together millions of viewers who for years have followed hard a story that will go down in the sector. Thus, then, it seems that during this 2020 it will reach the endpoint.

Logo Of Attack On Titan season 4

So, the logo indicates that it has been confirmed that AnimeJapan 2020 will host the first details about the fourth and last season of “Attack on Titan”. Specifically, the dates selected for the event are those that cover from March 21 to the 24 of the same month. At the moment, the exact day on which to wait for news about the anime above has not been communicated.

What Can We Expect From This Event?


The truth is that by the time AnimeJapan 2020 takes place, there will still be about half a year until the premiere of the fourth season of “Attack on Titan”. This will happen during the fall.

Consequently, it seems a bit complicated to imagine that a trailer or teaser will be shared. The latter would not be so far-fetched if it were not especially revealing.
What could happen is that the studio that will be responsible for animating the closure of the anime is finally clarified as it is well known, since the beginning of “Attack on Titan” that the series has been strictly linked to the work of Wit Studio?

However, recently we have already been able to see a new production of the team, being this “Vinland Saga”, which has enjoyed enormous success. Similarly, just a few days ago we saw the first trailer for “Great Pretender”, the new project also from Wit Studio that will be released in the summer. In this way, and added to the rumours that came from months ago, it seems quite likely that the final stretch of “Attack on Titan” will be faced by a new company.

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