DC’s Aquaman 2 Air Date? Baddest [Villain], Expectations, Everything You Need To Know About The Underwater King Jason Momoa


One of the most popular DC movies, Aquaman is getting a sequel.

Generating $ 1.14 billion worldwide, the movie starring Jason Momoa as the titular character, was an unexpected favorite.

Screenwriter for the first movie, David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick, was hired to write the sequel too. It is not surprising that Warner Bros.’ green-lighted the second movie after seeing the success of the first movie.

Release Date

DC finally announce the release date for the movie. People can see Aquaman 2 in theaters on December 16, 2022. It is, however surprising that the sequel is going to release four years after the original movie.

Producer Peter Safran claims that the people behind the movie are not in a rush to churn the film out. They also believe that taking the time to work on it would be beneficial and ultimately better for the audiences.

It should also be noted that many DC Extended Universe movies are in development between now and December 2022. The biggest one of them being Wonder Woman 1984, which is due in Summer 2020. Warner Bros.’ are also currently in the process of making Birds of Prey, The Batman, and The Suicide Squad.


Jason Momoa will, of course, be back as the titular King of Atlantis.

Since Mera was such a big part of the first movie, and Arthur Curry would not win without her, we can expect Amber Heard to be back too.

The villainous Black Manta played to perfection by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, had a limited role in the first movie. But the end credits show him, and Dr. Shin shows the film establishes them as a focus for the next film.

Dr. Stephen Shin, played by Randall Park, was only seen in the post-credit scenes, and despite his limited time, he made an impression on the fans.

The team-up between these two will be a lot of trouble for Arthur, and we are excited to see how the King of Atlantis will come up on the top.

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