Euphoria Season 2- Everything You Need To Know, Zendaya And Maude Apatow, Does Rue Die At The End Of This Season, Latest Updates, Soundtrack And Plot.


Season 2, Euphoria is all set to come back as it was always supposed to. This drama is an American adaptation of an Israeli series of the same name.

Euphoria is all about a group of teenagers involved in a lot of sex and drugs. This series hooks up the majority of teenagers.

The show is a hit among teenagers, it majorly relates to their daily lifestyle and complication they face while growing up.

We have everything you need to know about Euphoria season 2, so keep reading to find out!

When will Euphoria season 2 release?

The date of release is not yet confirmed. HBO confirmed on Twitter that Euphoria would return sometime in 2020.

The core cast members will remain the same as they were in season one.

What will happen to Rue?

Season 1 ended rather unexpectedly as Rue (played by Zendaya) decides to go back to her home rather than running away with Jules (Something we DID NOT expect), but only to find herself relapsed.

Season 1 finale left viewers eye sored and stressful whether Rue will be back for season 2 or not. Worry not! The showrunner said that Rue has a bright future and will be the lead.

In an interview with Elle, Zendaya said that because of the doubts she had about herself, this show gave her more abilities.

In season 2 we will see what will happen to Rue (also considering her mental illness) and will she confess her love with Jules or not.

Maude Apatow may only be 21, but she is already plotting her takeover from Hollywood. The actress is currently starring in Euphoria, the hottest TV series this summer, as Lexi Howard, Zendaya’s best friend of childhood.

Apatow is looking to be the newest triple threat from Hollywood, intending to actually write and direct her own movies.

All while continuing her emerging career as an actor.

Thematically, it’s going to be interesting to see in Season Two: What’s life like when you’re overcoming your challenges for so long, only falling back after making what was the (morally) right decision?

Where can you listen to Euphoria Soundtrack?

The soundtrack is set to be released digitally and on vinyl for HBO drama Euphoria.

The score by Labrinth on the Drake executive produced show will come out on October 4 with the vinyl coming at a later date.

You will be able to listen to Euphoria’s soundtrack across many platforms including apple music, youtube, etc.

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