Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Trailer, New Villain, Possibilities, Interesting Expectations And Incredible Possibilities


Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 released back in 2017. Following that, Guardians fought and died (except for Rocket and Nebula) in Infinity War. The ones who died got resurrected and fought again in Avengers Endgame. After that, the Guardians along with Thor ventured off into the galaxy. Now Marvel fans eagerly await the third Guardians Of The Galaxy film, and everything falls onto writer and director James Gunn’s shoulders.

The film’s journey and production so far –

In 2018, Marvel Studios fired James Gunn after his decade-old tweets resurfaced. The tweets were jokes on pedophilia and molestation. This led to Marvel severing all ties with Gunn and putting the production of Volume 3 into question. Dave Bautista (who portrays Drax in the films) had also threatened to walk out if Gunn wasn’t rehired. Opportunists Warner Bros and DC jumped in and hired Gunn to make the sequel to 2016’s Suicide Squad, The Suicide Squad which he completed this year.

Fans, critics and several news channels and sites worldwide criticized Disney and Marvel Studios for this decision. Marvel Studios then rehired Gunn after months of discussion with Disney. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 will reportedly begin production in 2021. Hopefully soon once the pandemic ends.

What will the plot of the film be?

In the post-credits scene of Volume 2, Ayesha creates a new artificial being whom names, Adam. She also plans to use Adam to destroy the Guardians. Ayesha also states that Adam is the next step in the Sovereign race’s evolution. This indicates that Adam Warlock might be the next villain in Volume 3 or he might have an appearance in another Marvel film.

According to the original Marvel comics, Adam Warlock first appeared in Marvel Premiere #1 in April 1972. He possesses superhuman strength, speed and durability He also possesses immense stamina, agility and immortality. The Guardians will have quite a challenge to face if Adam Warlock appears in the next film!

Not just Adam Warlock, the film might also focus on Peter Quill aka Star-Lord as he continues his search for Gamora.  It will also be interesting to see Thor with the Guardians and his arguments with Quill as it was first witnessed in Endgame.

The Beheaded Celestial –

Knowhere is the severed head of an ancient celestial being. The Collector’s headquarters is also located there. In the first Guardians Of The Galaxy film, Tivan Corporation was mining the head of the deceased Celestial for tissue and other cellular material to sell on the black market. Interestingly, Adam Warlock’s cocoon was also present there in The Collector’s collection of ancient items. Knowhere’s origins are still unknown, and many still do not know about how the Celestial was beheaded.

When will Volume 3 release?

It was believed that Volume 3 would be the first film of MCU’s Phase Four. But that was changed, and now the first Phase Four film is Black Widow while the last film is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Volume 3 will very likely be a part of the fifth phase of the MCU. Unfortunately, though, Disney and Marvel haven’t announced a release date for the film yet.

James Gunn completed The Suicide Squad for DC. This means that his focus will now be on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3. While he works on it, fans will still have Phase 4 which will begin with Black Widow in 2021! So Marvel fans, the film will definitely arrive so be patient and also hope the film will be as good as previous two!

Stay tuned for more updates!