Joker 2 Possibilities, Interesting [PLOT], Future, New Villain, and Latest Update You Should Know


Joker was a disturbingly intense movie and yet an undeniably brilliant film. Joker is a psychological thriller directed and produced by Todd Phillips. The film was based on DC characters. Joaquin Phoenix played the role of Joker with a very dark side.

The movie was set in 1981, about a failed stand up comedian Arthur Fleck.  As he learns more about his mental illness, which involves uncontrollable laughter, he comes to know about his past. With all the negativity and bullying by society, he comes up with an alter ego, Joker.

What was the reaction of the audience?

The Joker movie gave the audience what it was asking for. By portraying it as an intense and dark movie. It broke all the records and was considered the best DC movie to date.

People believed that its sequel can be diversified in many ways and can be revolutionary for the cinema.
Though the critics heavily criticized the movie as a psychic movie with dark parts. Apart from critics, the film got a green signal for the movie viewers.
Also, The background score, acting, casting, and everything about the Joker is appreciable.

What to expect from Joker 2?

In Joker 2, some of the audience expect Joker to fight a tangible villain like Batman or any other hero. However, the way Joker came to a conclusion, everyone direly expects a sequel.

Another interesting fact is that Joaquin Phoenix did a photoshoot with the on-set photographer during the making of Joker.
And they made posters where they put Joker into ten classic movies like Rosemary’s Baby, Raging Bull, etc.
Since Joker crossed $ 1 billion+ all over the world, people keep high expectations from the film.

Finally, the movie ended with him dancing down in the corridor of Arkham State Hospital, leaving red footprints behind. So, this clearly shows the movie might begin with Joker fleeing from the hospital and on a killing spree.

One potential direction fans could expect the sequel to go in examining Arthur’s relationship to his maybe step-brother, now orphaned Bruce Wayne. Though in an interview, Phillips said he might not make a sequel in an interview, but ideas came up while they were making Joker.

Well, until the next movie comes out, the fans will not stop making fan theories about the movie and creating a hype bigger than the first one. As Joaquin Phoenix did total justification to the character and the DC universe is getting a revival just through this character alone.

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