JOKER 2 Possibilities, Interesting [PLOT], Future, New Villain, And Latest Update You Should Know.


Recently it has been by some news sources that Joker 2 is in the process of getting released next year.

Todd Philips, who directed the first part, would be back on his way to lead and as well as pen the script for the second part of the movie, along with Scott Silver, who has also been there in the original film as well with Todd.

 If we take into consideration the fantastic performance of Joaquin Phoenix in the movie then, it is being said among everybody that it does deserve a nomination for an Oscar. Although it isn’t a surprise that the Warner Bros would give up anything to strike that gold twice.

The fans, although they are still unaware of what to expect from the Joker Sequel as at the end of the first part of the Joker movie, Arthur got wholly transformed and was even beyond recovery. He was at the stake of dying even at the hospital.

The only way the upcoming sequel of Joker would be turning out is when Arthur would break his way out of the hospital and go back looking for his dad, who is dead.

Although, unlike Nolan’s Joker, Todd Phillip’s Joker isn’t for sure the type which would scheme up to a criminal mastermind, which eventually laid out the whole plan.

Then It is going to add a fun element to the story if the director of the movie adds up Arthur’s step relationship with his brother Bruce Wayne in the film.

Joker has always been and will always be the one caused by his downfall or rise as might be called by some.
But, nobody has any clue about where would the joker end up now.

The whole movie could be shot just inside the hospital, but also the mind of the Joker could ultimately travel around the entire world.

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