Joker 2 What Should You Know? Everything about the upcoming Movie & Trailer, And Latest Update


Joker 2 has now been verified to be made. Todd Phillips will return to direct and write the screenplay with Scott Silver who was also in the original film.

With the acting style of Joaquin Phoenix, winning an Oscar nomination and it’s no wonder Warner Bros gives up twice to strike gold.

Joker 2: When will it release?


We don’t know when Joker 2 will release yet, but we do know that Todd Philips will direct the production sequel. He will also write the script with Scott Silver who was in the original film as well.

We can see at the end of the Joker that Arthur Fleck as Joker was in the Arkham hospital, where he did not stop with his killing spree, leaving behind red footprints.

This post-credit scene has been enough to tell us Joker has more stories to tell.

What will Joker 2 be about?

The Phillips Todd Joker is not the kind of thorough plan to execute a criminal mastermind. That’s a lot different from the Joker of Christopher Nolan.

If the director mentions Arthur’s step relationship with his brother Bruce Wayne, then it would be a funny story to watch.

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Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson are already in development on Batman’s backstory.

The second big question for Joker’s sequel is who will be an antagonist to Arthur. In the first film, Joker’s foil was himself in every way.

Will Batman play a role in the sequel?


As Todd Philips has kept The Batman’s origin, i.e., a robber shoots his father, and he becomes a batman who will find the killer and vengeance for the death of his father. This has Joker 2 potential for a Batman cameo.

Also, the supervillain The Riddler might appear as a partner in crime in Joker from the upcoming Batman movie.

There is currently no detail on the date of release, the tra

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