Joker 2 What Should You Know? Everything about the upcoming movie & trailer, and Latest updates


Joker has been one of the most successful movies in which people not only enjoyed but praised the powerful character of Joker (Joaquin Phoenix) shown in the film. After having a hit with its first part the movie is back with a sequel to entertain us again with its strong story and characters. Read this article to know everything about the sequel.

Joker 2 Release Date: when is it releasing?

Joker 2 is still in it’s planning stage so we can’t expect it to release in 2020. Late 2021 maybe the right time to expect the sequel.

Joker 2 Cast: who all are in the cast?

The movie is just confirmed by the makers and no other details have been released so at this point it is really difficult to guess the cast for Joker 2.

We all loved how well Joaquin Phoenix came out with the role of Joker. Phoenix was even nominated in Oscars for his amazing performance. After so many praises Warner Bros would definitely want all that attention back and Joaquin Phoenix must be in the cards for Joker 2.

We can also expect Zazie Beetz to return as Joker’s neighbor Sophie. After all, Phillips confirmed that Joker didn’t kill her. But if she has escaped then definitely she is not returning to the building where everyone will recognize her easily. So the question is… Where and how did Sophie Escape?

Joker 2 Plot: what is going to happen this time?

Well, we all know there are no hints or statements from the makers for Joker 2 and guessing about the plot of a film like Joker is really a tough task. You need to make some really good educated guesses if you are dealing with Joker. So, for now, we only expect the movie to solve all the rough ends it left in the first part of the film.

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