Killing Eve Season 3,4 Connection With a lot Suspense, New[CAST] ,Interesting Expectations And Incredible Possibilities


BBC’s popular crime thriller is getting another season.

Killing Eve was renewed for another season in April 2019, before the second season even premiered in the UK.

The second season ended with a shocking cliffhanger. The fate of Eve Polastri is a mystery. Having chased each other throughout the season, the series climaxes among Italian ruins. Eve is shot in the back by the object of her obsessions, the assassin Villanelle.


In an interview with Porter magazine, Canadian-Korean actress Sandra Oh, who plays Eve Polastri, confirmed that Eve is not dead. She also gave some spoilers as to what season 3 will be about; the actress says that it will be about Eve trying to cope up emotionally from the events that took place in the last season.


Since Sandra Oh confirmed that our favorite MI5 agent is not dead, she will resume her role as Eve Polastri. Jodie Comer will, of course, continue her role as the psychotic assassin Villanelle. Fiona Shaw will likely be back as Carolyn Martens and Kim Bodnia as Konstantin. Owen McDonnell will be back as Niko Polastri, Sean Delaney as Kenny Stoughton, and Nina Sosanya as Jess.

Season 1 creator and writer  Phoebe Waller-Bridge is reportedly gearing up to write herself a character to portray in the upcoming season. In her chat with Mirror, the Bafta-winning writer says that she is plotting a grisly 007 style death for her by the hands of Villanelle.

New Writer

Following the tradition of having a new write every season, season 3 of Killing Eve is going to have a new writer.

Season 1 was written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who then passed on the baton to Emerald Fennell for Season 2. The upcoming season is going to be written by Suzanne Heathcote.

Waller-Bridge and Fennell are excited to see what Heathcote does with the characters. Heathcote is the creator of Fear the Walking Dead season 3.


There is no official release date for the new season as of yet. According to Digital Spy, we might see the first episode of the third season in April 2020.

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