MCU Cameos In American superhero film Morbius ? 5 MCU Character Which You Dont Want To See, Possibilities, latest [UPDATE] & Upcoming News


Hey everybody! I hope you all are doing well here am back with lots of gossip in my bag for you all. So today we will talk about Marvel Cinematic Universe Or we can say about the superhero world.any guess for an upcoming American superhero movie? Yes, none other than Morbius. let’s find out what we have for you all. Let’s get started

Most wanted superhero cameo

As the trailer gets released we become so much curious about this new superhero movie .lots of prediction and suggestions seem to be coming out from fans for their superhero cameo.

The superhero comes we want to see in Morbius  Includes

Spider-Man, Bruce Banner, Scarlet Witch, J Jonah Jameson, Blade

And there is a valid reason for their cameo

1. Chances  for the appearance of Spider-Man are quite high in this movie, especially now that Vulture has been seen in the trailer

All about Morbius

Right now everyone is eager to know details about upcoming marvel movie Morbius

The teaser and trailer released a living vampire and it seems like something very captivating, dark, scary and mysterious is going to happen.

List of superhero cameo which we don’t want in it

This list includes

Dr strange


Nick Fury

Happy Hogan

Any Deceased MCU Characters

Even we have some valid point for not wanting them in this movie

Happy Hogan seems to be always appearing in Marvel movies due to his connection with Tony Stark. But we don’t find any suitable reason to see him in this upcoming movie

For scorpion, as Vulture already confirmed, adding another villain might be overkill.

Is there any trailer

I am mentioning it again and again in the whole article yes! We have a trailer of it and if don’t see it yet go and give it a watch.

In the trailer, we get to see doctor, Michael Morbius attempt to come to terms with a rare blood condition – going so far as to experiment with bat DNA in an attempt to cure himself, which turns him into his vampire-like super-villain form.

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