The Dark Crystal Actual Reason About Its Cancellation, Everything You Need To Know


Remember the block bluster movie? The 1982 classic movie The Dark Crystal. It is like a comfort movie to many fans out there. The mythology and the design of the movie are just too good and almost everyone loves this movie.

The first part of the movie was a big block bluster and hence around six or seven years earlier Jim Hanson company decided to release a sequel to the story of the movie The Dark Crystal.

The Power Of The Dark Crystal

Even the title of the sequel to the movie was decided. They were going to name it The power of the Dark Crystal. Hearing a sequel to one of the best movies ever, everyone one was very excited to watch it. All everyone could talk about it was the sequel to this movie.

Around two years ago they even put out a form of art from the sequel. The picture was of Kyra, who is the young female Gelfling who helps save the world in the original movie. All this made fans even more excited about the sequel. The picture portrayed her much further in the future as a king of Empress of the whole world.

Has the sequel to the movie been canceled?

Now around a year earlier, we got the news that things were just be put on the shelf for a while. We heard this from the company that was financing the movie. What we thought was that the movie would have been postponed for a bit.


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