The Rain Season 3 Rumors On The New Danish Series Premiere Date, Plot Details & Cast


The series is about two Danish siblings who have been hiding in a safety bunker for almost two years from a kind of virus that was carried by rain. The whole world comes to an end after everyone is wiped out in that rain. They both try to discover any sign of civilization but every single thing is wiped out in the rain. While searching they come across a group of fellow survivors and all of them form a group to search any sign of life around the world.

The series became famous and it was rather easy to guess that it will have a third season too. So, yes! Here we are with all you need to know about the third season.

Is this the last season of The Rain?

One sad news for ‘The Rain’ fans is that this third season of the series is going to be the last. Many questions remain unsolved which we hope of being solved in this third season.

Release Date: When to expect the third season of The Rain?


Both the first and the second season were released in May so we are expecting the third season to drop in around May only. But again, there is no official news about the release date so we are not sure yet.

Cast: Who to expect in the third season of The Rain?

Remember the character Sarah played by Clara Rosager? It appeared that we have lost her but fortunately no. We have not lost her yet, she appears again but with a slight change. That is she has Rasmus’s virus now.

One more news is confirmed that Lea played by Jessica Dinnage won’t be returning for the third season as she sacrificed her life, Simone.

This is all we know about the third season of The Rain, do keep scrolling through Gizmo Story: Latest Celebrity News, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Gaming for more such updates.

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