Upcoming Of ‘Brad Pitt’ Movie World War Z 2 & Every Latest Detail You Should Know About The Movie Before Its Arrival


World War Z released seven years ago and it’s been a long time since Paramount claimed to be working on a sequel.

The movie was based on the novel with the same title by Max Brooks. It was an instant hit at the box office with an earning of more than $500 million worldwide. The audience was clearly longing for a sequel, so why hasn’t the sequel released yet?

Maybe it will be just like the first movie and a problematic development stage will in time lead to the release of a confirmed sequel. Although we have to say it with a heavy heart, it appears like the release is way too distant yet.

But let’s not lose hope! Co-producer Jeremy Kleiner said in January 2020 that a sequel might happen “someday”.

He said that they are fond of Max Brooks’ book. They like the universe of it.
It doesn’t look like World War Z is completed and finished with. It is hazy enough to leave us buoyant that the sequel will happen one day.

The future of the sequel is like the zombies in the film, the sequel may rise from the dead. If at all the sequel rise again, it will have a long journey to the screen.

Will World War Z 2 Happen Or Is It Dead?

The sequel was planned to release in 2017, but the year came and went without any production taking place.
The shooting was to start in 2018. However, it could not happen because Brad Pitt was busy working for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.
Another reason for the delay was that David Fincher was working on Mindhunter season two.
This was supposed to mean that shooting will happen in June 2019 instead.
Unfortunately, that date again moved further to March.

But then the news came that the sequel was once again delayed since Paramount had stopped pre-production on the sequel.

So for now, the sequel is much worse than a zombie who’s head is rotting with worms, but who knows, it might rise again in the future.

Who All Will Be In World War Z 2?

If the sequel comes out, Brad Pitt will be returning to his lead role as Gerry Lane (former United Nations investigator and fearless zombie fighter), but even that may change depending in which year the sequel happens.
Mireille Enos officially announced that she will return as his wife, Karin Lane in May 2016.
It’s still a bit hazy if things are still the same after almost four years.

What will World War Z 2 Be All About?

The wayfaring original movie concluded with a glimpse of hope for humanity’s survival against the zombies, but as Gerry Lane says at the climax of the movie, there’s still much left to be done.

The novel, whose story reaches the globe and extends into a political future is a mass scale story.
However, zombie pandemic alters it and hence, offers a lot of material for the filmmakers to work on.
In World War Z 2 we’d like to see the fightback of mankind against zombies. But whether that fightback will actually begin is still a question.

Well, even if the movie takes another two years to appear on the screens, it will be worth the wait. As Brad Pitt fans can wait a little more, a decade isn’t too much to wait. In the end, good things come to those who wait.