Why didn’t Jeremy Renner Return Since Rogue Nation Mission: Impossible 7 Updates


Well, we all know Tom Cruise and his obsession with perfection. He is well known for his action in the movies, and he even performs his stunts all by himself. Well, he was supposed to start the shoot for Mission: Impossible 7, but because of the pandemic, he couldn’t.

Tom Cruise isn’t the one who would sit at home idle during the quarantine. While we all are getting bored and struggling to look for a hobby, Cruise has been working for the jam-packed action!

Tom Cruise Is All Set And Prepared For Ethan Hunt In Mission: Impossible 7 

As per the latest reports, Cruise is making the most of this quarantine period. He has rented a piece of land in Oxfordshire from a farmer. And he is using all his time in training for his action sequences in the upcoming movie. He has been riding bikes and helicopters to prepare himself.

Earlier this month, he was seen riding around in his red bike. And he has had his pilot license since 1994, and he is refreshing himself for the role.

Tom Cruise Got Special Permission To Shoot Without Quarantine Period 

We don’t know when the shoot for Mission: Impossible 7 will resume. But the team has received special permission from Oliver Dowden, Britain’s Culture Secretary, to shoot. The is allowed to shoot as per their planned locations across the United Kingdom without the 14-day quarantine period.

Reports even suggest that Cruise is working with the UK government to ensure the safety of his team during the shoot.

Mission: Impossible 7 first started the shoot in Italy in February this year. But as the situation deteriorated, the shoot became impossible, and the team had to withdraw. Then they moved to Surrey, but then in March, productions were halted.

As of now, Mission: Impossible 7 is scheduled to be released on November 19, 2021.

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