6 Reasons to Transcribe Audio to Text


If you are looking for a quick and reliable app that can transcribe audio to text, you are in the right place. You can rely on Audext for all the services relating to transcription that will be done in a budget-friendly and efficient way. Unlike the manual transcription process, Audext operates two hundred times faster, offering different playback speeds that suit your needs and it also converts M4A to Text. But let’s look at 6 other reasons why you should consider using this fantastic app!

Turning your page into an SEO friendly website

Your online business can only further prosper once you start generating serious traffic. Transcribing audio to text is sure to attract many users to your webpage since some of the most popular search engines will be able to enlist it in the drop-down pages. What better way to draw an organic audience in search of quality content than making your page highly visible and easily accessible to your audience?

Increasing the scope of audience

By transcribing audio to text you will find yourself in a position to influence a wider range of your followers. As you already know, some people prefer blogs to audio recordings. And whilst the transcription is entirely in your hands, reaching out further to expand your business will involve versatile techniques. Repurposing the content can be a small step that will get you out of the comfort zone in preparation for launching your career.

Present information in a transparent way

While most business owners think about the masses and blindly follow trends, you can make the difference by stepping out of the box. Think about millions of people with hearing impairment that can’t access your content in a purely audio form. Taking the time to automatically transcribe the audio to text will reach more people, who will be more than happy to consume good content. If you think in terms of quality, the quantity will naturally follow.

Sharing is caring

Once Audex turns the audio recording into a text, you will be able to click that share button as many times as you like. Not only you will have a higher chance of attracting potential customers, but your followers will also help in distributing the relevant content. People might skip long audios, but if you give them shorter sentences, rest assured they will come back to check what you have to offer. Make sure your message is clear, as the followers will want to know that you were attentive to their needs when you decided to repurpose the content for them to enjoy.

Socializing with the followers

Retweeting and reposting an audio recording is not as efficient as sharing text. Your audience will want to talk to you, and, most importantly, give important feedback that has the power to kick-start your career overnight. In 2020, people don’t have time nor patience to listen to the audio and note down what they hear (which, by the way, can easily result in misinterpretation). However, copy-pasting the text is sure to bring them as a community closer together, which also helps you to tackle their concerns, and create a bond that will turn curious followers into loyal customers.

Time is money

With all the competition online, who wants to lose precious time? You need to act smart. Giving your audience what they want is of crucial importance for you. Wasting time beating around the bush and trying out millions of techniques won’t bring sustainable results. Give your audience more opportunities to consume your content by generously offering the public a more diverse approach.

On a side note, Audex does not transcribe video files nor does it convert text to audio. You should deliver clear audio with no background noise for the app to process the best content. Podcasts, interviews, lectures, tutorials or notes from the psychologist can be transcribed in high quality and timely manner. You can easily mark the keywords in the audio by attaching that specific words to the respective audio moment in the recording. In that way, your followers will be able to click on the desired word and take it from there. Apart from many benefits, such as SEO optimization to saving time and receiving straight-to-the-point feedback, transcribing audio to text will ultimately help you communicate with your followers and address their needs.

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