A Discovery of Witches: This time Sarah Dollard and Susie Conklin are writing the second season, possibilities, Latest Updates, Soundtrack And Plot You Should Know


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We are getting season 2 of A Discovery of Witches! And this time Sarah Dollars and Susie Conklin are writing it! Read till the end to find out the full details! 

A Discovery of Witches is a fantasy drama based on a trilogy. The trilogy is written by Deborah Harkness and is a huge hit among the audience. 

When is it releasing? 

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The first season was out in September 2018. And the second season can be out near August- September as well!

However, the exact release date is yet to be announced. All we know is that we are getting a new season in 2020! 

And as soon as the release date is out, we’ll update you guys ASAP. 


Who is going to be back? 

Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont will be back as the protagonists of the story. We also have Sarah Bishop, Emily Mather, Nathaniel Wilson and 

Sophie Norman. 

We may even have new characters and some guest faces! Although it is still very early to predict those. 

As soon as the episodes start shooting, the news will roll out! 


What about the plot? 

The plot will have the two protagonists romancing in the sixteenth century. Diana and Matthew will go on more adventures which will be entertaining for us a lot! 

Sky has offered fans a teaser. Diana and Matthew are hiding in time. They are looking for a teacher who can help them to contain Diana’s magic which is of little control. 


Is the trailer out? 

No dear readers. The trailer is yet to release. The show is still in its pre-production stage right now and very little is known about it. 

We will certainly have to wait and watch! As soon as it is out, we will link it for you to watch and stream!

Till then, let’s binge on season 1 of The Discovery of Witches. 


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