Anne With An E Season 4 Release Date, Cast, New[PLOT], Is There Any Season 5 after this and Latest Update You Should Know


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Are we getting season 4 of Anne With An E? Speculations are on the rise right now!! Want to watch the latest update? Read till the end to find out!

It is a drama TV series based on the novel by author Lucy Maud Montgomery. The third season ended this January and we already want season 4!

When is it releasing? 

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Season 1 released in March 2017, Season 2 in July 2018 and Season 3 in November 2019. 

For season 4 there is no release date as of now. No official news is given about the show’s revival. 

Is Anne with an E canceled? 

Yes, there are strong rumors that we will not have another season. The show was made with collabs between CBS and Netflix. And now, both of them have split. 

Netflix in November announced that it doesn’t see the show going on for another season. 

Although this is sad news, you never know. We might get a revival if the right people brainstorm. 

What is #RenewAnnewithanE? 

After Netflix announced that they are not renewing the series, a hashtag began to trend on Twitter. 

Fans were left heartbroken with the news and started a hashtag to make their misery known.

However, despite these many attempts by fans, the show’s director does not think the show will return. 

Producer Moira Walley-Beckett wrote a letter to the fans thanking them for writing letters, emails, and tweets about the same. She said ‘There is just no way to revive Anne With An E.’


Where to stream the 3 seasons?

You can watch the three seasons on Netflix. The third season premiered on Netflix on January 3, 2020. 

All is not lost. We still have the novels to read. And we can binge on Netflix, all the three seasons. Back to back. 


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