Castlevania season 3 Latest [UPDATE], Theories, Cast, Plot, Trailers, We Have Every Single Detail For You


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Its official Castlevania is coming back for another season.

Netflix’s animated series is based on the video game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse. It follows Trevor Belmont on his journey to save the nation of Wallachia from Count Dracula and his minions. Originally, Netflix planned for the series to be made as a movie, but it was later released as a TV show.

Season 1 was released in July 2017, and it received good responses from the public. Season 2 was released more than a year later in September 2018 with double the number of episodes.

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The second season ventured further into the horror fantasy universe and explored how Belmont and his team went up against new challenges, including a new villain Carmilla.

Release Date

Richard Armitage who voices Trevor Belmont said that the third season was confirmed. In June, in an interview, he claimed that they were going to start recording for season 3 soon.

Netflix then officially went on to announce the third season.

Netflix Nordic tweeted that the new season would drop on December 1 2019, but the news was quickly shot down by the show’s director Samuel Deats. There is no official release date as of yet.


We can expect Richard Armitage to be back as Trevor Belmont. His Hobbits co-star Graham McTavish who plays Dracula Vlad Tepes, his nemesis, will also return.

Season 2 shows Dracula’s son Alucard teaming up with Trevor. In a fit of rationality, Alucard voiced by James Callis, opposes his father, so we can expect him to be back too.

Sypha Belandes, voiced by Alejandra Reynoso, is a Neoseeker, who was also a focus of the second season. We can expect her back too.


The new season of the show will bring new monsters, more vampire clans, and shed light on Alucaard’s situation.

There are also claims that a favourite fan character from the game might make an appearance in the new season.


There is no trailer as of yet. Some fans were surprised with a seek-peek of the new season at the New York Comic-Con.

We can expect the trailer to drop in early 2020.

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