Folx for Mac: What Is It and Why Do You Want to Download It?


Apple’s newest version of Mac OS, known as Catalina, caused quite a stir when it arrived on desktops late last fall. Catalina ended support for all 32-bit programs. That has left many people looking to replace their older, most trusted software.

You may be one of those people if you happened to use uTorrent to manage downloads. The makers of uTorrent are among those who were caught off-guard by the end of 32-bit support. An update for uTorrent Classic hasn’t been announced yet, which has left people looking for alternatives.

If you want to explore other native apps for Catalina, Folx should be high on your list of options. Here’s why.

What Is Folx?

Folx is a download and torrent manager for Mac OS. It’s been around for quite some time, although it didn’t have the best reputation.

Following the Catalina update, though, Folx for Mac is one of the best options you have to manage your downloads and torrents. It’s easy to use, and it comes with a host of features that make it one of the more robust managers available.

It works seamlessly with Catalina, so if you need or want to run the most up-to-date OS, you can do without worry.

What Does Folx do?

People who are familiar with the older version of this app may wonder why Folx is the best choice for downloads.

The developer, Eltima Software, introduced Version 5.0 last year. It’s a 64-bit application, which means it works seamlessly with Catalina and Mojave.

In addition, Eltima included a host of indispensable features. With Folx, you can schedule your downloads. If you need most of your computing power during the day, you can schedule downloads for later in the evening.

Better yet, Folx allows you to set download speeds. It even has options for what to do when a download finishes. This is particularly useful if you’re downloading overnight because you can:

  • Have the program put the system into sleep mode
  • Have the program end the session and quit
  • Instruct the system to shut down when a download finishes

This means you don’t need to stay up late, waiting for that download to finish.

The Need for Speed

Chances are you wouldn’t need to wait very long for a single download to finish, though. Folx includes options to split a download across up to 20 channels. This means your downloads happen at lightning speed.

Folx can even “pick-up” downloads from different browsers. If you download through Opera, Safari, Chrome, or Firefox, Folx will take over the download. This frees up your browser, so you can get back to searching the web, answering email, or watching a YouTube video.

Speaking of YouTube videos, did you know Folx can download them for you? It even includes a handy “audio-only” option. That means you can get the audio from the video to stream on your devices later.

If you download a lot from sites that need authentication, Folx can help you there too. With the free version, you can store login data for up to two websites. With the Pro version, you can store login information for an unlimited number of sites.

A User-Friendly Interface

One of the biggest improvements in this new version of Folx is the introduction of a user-friendly interface. For years, one of the gripes people had with Folx was that it just wasn’t very inviting to look at.

That UI also meant the program wasn’t always as easy to use as it is now. Version 5.0 gave the app a much-needed face-lift, redesigning it for Retina displays. As a result, it’s far more intuitive and user-friendly.

Folx Protects Your Privacy

Almost every Folx review you read will point out the issues of privacy. Downloading can be a gray area, depending on the content you’re downloading. Sometimes, though, you just don’t want others to be able to trace what you’re downloading.

Folx comes with features designed to help your downloading stay private. You can use proxy servers, which can unlock content you may not be able to access otherwise.

Folx vs uTorrent

Many people will be happy with Folx as a reliable download manager. It’s more stable than some of the other clients out there.

As we mentioned, it also works as a torrent client. It supports magnet links, and it allows for those proxy servers.

As a result, it could be the uTorrent replacement you’re looking for. You can find more about how it stacks up against uTorrent Classic by reading

Finally, Folx is probably the better bet for security, especially against uTorrent Web. Some people have concerns about how much information the uTorrent web client collects. Folx is more stable as well since it operates directly from the desktop.

Should You Go Pro?

As we said, Folx is free to download. There’s also a paid Pro version, which unlocks extra features. The Pro version allows you to manually set and adjust download speeds.

The Pro version also includes a built-in search and torrent organizing. These features elevate the app over uTorrent. If you do a lot of torrenting, it might make sense to pay for the Pro version of Folx versus using the free version.

If you’re only downloading the occasional file, then the free version should serve your needs. If those few files are large, though, you could still enjoy the upgraded Pro version.

Stay Up to Date With Your Favorite Apps

Apple says switching to 64-bit architecture will make programs more powerful and stable. In the meantime, Catalina has caused problems for those apps that still using 32-bit architecture. Folx has stepped up to fill the gap in download managers and torrenting apps.

As developers stop updating their apps or redesign for 64-bit applications, you’ll need to keep up with the changes. Check back with us to discover the best alternatives for your favorite apps.

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