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GOD OF WAR 5 With Sony PlayStation 5 Release Date, Thor Rumors, Kratos New Monster Weapon & Powers, Latest Installment, Norse mythology Revealed


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One of the most successful PlayStation exclusive games God of War is coming with its fifth part.

God of Wars is an action-adventure game created by David Jaffe at Sony’s Santa Monica Studio

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Sony Santa Monica took a lot of risk with God of War PlayStation 4, but everything paid off. Now, we are waiting for God of War 5. The PS5 of Game of War is confirmed to be in development, it was confirmed even before the release of God of War PS4. God of War 5 will continue the story from where God of War 4 left.

God Of Wars 5 Release Date

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The release date for the fifth season of the ‘God of War’ series has not announced yet. Both Santa Monic or Sony Interactive Entertainment hasn’t revealed any release dates.

According to Cory Barlog, director, it took five years to create God of War PS4. But God of War 5 will not take five years to develop.

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It God of War 5 will be one of the first major PS5 exclusive games to release within the next two years.

It seems that God of War 5 will be one of the first major PS5 exclusive games to release within the next two years.

God Of Wars 5 Plot

In the God of Wars 4, the final battle between Kratos and Baldur ended with Baldur’s demise. We have seen that Baldur is the son of Freya and she is livid over Kratos’ treatment of her son. She took revenge on both Atreus and Kratos and walked away. We will see her in God of War 5.

Also, we watched Faye, the wife of Kratos is Giant which makes Atreus half God and half Giant. The name of Atreus is also revealed, which is Loki.

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