Godzilla vs. Kong Role Cast Released New Analysis Everything You Need To Know About This Why They Are Delaying It ?, Plot, Latest Update


Godzilla vs. Kong Role is going to be released soon, readers! A treat for fans is here this new year! Want to know more? Read the article till the end to find out! 

Godzilla vs. Kong Role is set to release this 2020. The face-off between two of our favorite characters is going to be exciting! 

When is the release? 

The movie is going to release on November 20, 2020!! That is one year after the previous movie was released! 

Previously, Godzilla vs. Kong’s Role was set to release in May 2020. But the release was pushed back. 


Reason for delay

The reason we are getting the movie 6 months later, is because Warner Bros is busy with the release of its another well-loved franchise!

Fast and Furious 9, a very successful series is set to go into theatres around the same time on May 22, 2020. 

Therefore, Warner Bros is going to focus on one movie at a time.

What is the storyline?

As the plot suggests, the movie is going to be a face-off between Godzilla vs. Kong’s Role. The movie is going to be packed with action and thrill. 

We are expecting a gigantic fight between two humongous beasts. 

Who will win? Well, we are not going to spoil it for you! You will need to visit the theatres to find out!!

Who’s in the cast?


We are going to have Millie Bobby Brown as Madison Russell, Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell, and Zhang Ziyi as the twin scientists at Monarch.

We will also have some new faces too! Which is going to double the fun for sure!! 



Seems like we are going to have Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Kong Role! All due to a toy leak. 

Mechagodzilla is one of the major enemies of Godzilla. So whether he will be present or not, wait to find out!!.


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