Podcasts for When You’re Feeling Low


It is normal to feel low at times, exhausted and not feeling good in a moment. The point is, what do we all do to get away from that feeling? We all have our ways. These days’ people prefer listening to a podcast at moments when they need something to ease them out.

Also, while commuting, people can get indulged in listening to something that interests them. There are motivational series, fun podcasts, group talk shows, interviews like Sean Hannity podcast. A lot of ways are out there to make people feel up. The best part is users can create their personalized playlists and enjoy the episodes.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a series of audio files available on the digital platform like PTI podcasts. There is a subscription model on which podcast works. If a user has subscribed for a particular series, then a new episode will get downloaded automatically on their system.

Like if one has a subscription for Sean Hannity podcasts, then he/she will get a notification about a new episode. Users can download and listen to the podcast whenever and wherever they want to. Podcasts are of different types. So, while making a playlist to uplift your mood, you need to choose the genre accordingly.

The general consideration is that podcasts are limited in audio format, but the fact is some podcasts may include PDF or videos are also made as per the podcast model. These videos are better known as vodcasts or vlogs.

How can podcasts lighten your mood?

In our day to day routine, life not only gets monotonous and stressed but also some moments we kind of feel all aloof. At these moments, when we get to hear something beautiful, it helps a lot.

  • Merely listening to an audio file can bring a smile to our faces. Podcasts do this magic. Whatever interests you, there is a podcast for that. This is the reason podcasts have seen so much popularity in such a short span.
  • Listening to other people’s stories, offer motivation and give hope. People make a playlist of their choice. There are funny, engaging, entertaining, motivational or light-hearted talk show podcasts. It only needed to switch on your device player and enjoy the laughs, smile and get along with that.

Why use podcasts to light up the mood over other options?

Yes, there are other ways too that can help you get relaxed and feel happy. But, the usage of podcasts is more popular as it offers you so many advantages. There are countless advantages to podcasts. The best-known advantages are the low cost of production, free download, and it’s easy to access specifications. These benefits could be efficiently experienced with the PTI podcast. 

Low-cost production

Compared to other digital advertising resources, the production cost of podcasts is low. Since the budget is affordable, people go for podcasting like PTI podcast. You can create different sorts of podcasts like taking interviews of Political representatives like Sean Hannity podcast does.

Free download

Here two things to note- one is “Free”, and another is “Download”. People love to access free things. The free to download items just needed to be downloaded, and you can keep them with you to listen anytime and anywhere. So, entertainment and fun content are in your reach all free so that mood will get uplifted more conveniently.

Widespread outreach

Podcaster producers, when creating their podcasts like PTI podcast or Sean Hannity podcast, look for visibility. But, the podcast of interviews of political identity or any celebrity or any philanthropist or activist takes no time to go viral. Keep your eyes on the viral podcasts and filter out your choices.

Options of a podcast for a happy me-time

People who love to listen to podcasts are millions, and thus the searches are equally the same. But, every podcast has its genre, and therefore they are divided into many types. Like the PTI podcast (Pardon the Interruption Podcast) falls in the Sports genre and Sean Hannity podcast in the political genre. One can choose genres to make a playlist of podcasts to listen to when feeling low.

  • Audio fun and entertaining blogs-Happy Place hosted by Fearne Cotton
  • Comedy Casts- Jenna and Julian
  • Music Podcast- Popsicle Days by Wolves
  • Light-hearted Podcast- The Podgecast hosted by Podge
  • Radio comic-dramas-Tiger Belly hosted by Bobby Lee and Khalyla
  • Inspirational podcasts- Mental Illness Happy Hour hosted by Paul Gilmartin

The most popular podcast type among all of these is audio blogs. If you go searching the podcast’s descriptions, most of the searches comprise “talk about whatever is on my mind”. People also search “my thoughts while I sit on my hour-long commute.”

Final words

So, you can choose the type of audio blogs that entertain you, good music, fun talks, entertainment industry interviews, inspirational episodic and likewise. There are millions of audiences of the podcast, and this creates an opportunity for podcasters to create podcasts like PTI podcast or Sean Hannity podcast.

Podcasts can entertain, inform, inspire, create laughter or gather tears. If said more appropriately, ‘It Connects with Audience’. So, whatever connects with you, you can have that to help you get relaxed and feel good at the moment. Get your search done, and prepare your playlist to enjoy listening to the podcast that makes you feel good and keep you at ease.

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