Tactical Shooters Rise In Popularity AND It’s Demise?


When you think of Ubisoft, and tactical shooters, the first thing that comes to mind should be Rainbow Six Siege, if it isn’t, then it should be – Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular tactical shooters on the market as of right now, the only other game contesting viewers for tactical shooters is Valorant; albeit, Valorant is not on live servers globally, it has set one of the better records for high viewers, reaching a peak of 104,048 live views on twitch.tv. 


With one of the most diverse player base and a dedicated player base, boosting has run rampant in the live servers, more often than not leading to more boosted players, than more average players playing the game. More often than not, these boosters have had years upon years of experience in the scene,  and have made a name for themselves doing just that – boosting, some of the most popular examples of that is myboosting.gg


Not only is this reliable, but it’s proven time and time again that boosters, and players within the same lobby as boosters, learn more on average than the regular player base. This leads to gaining more knowledge, and understanding more about the game itself than anybody else readily available for coaching – you hop into the same game as somebody who is boosting, playing on a lower ranked account, or somebody who is account sharing, and they stomp the game for you, without you having to actively use your brain, or your skills, you will feel like you got carried; and for a good reason. You did. There’s nothing wrong with getting carried in a  competitive environment, even when you’re not actively looking to improve, playing with a booster, or having somebody who’s better than you isn’t bad to have on your team. 

Having these boosters experiences kept in mind, this should lead to whoever is interested in receiving coaching, boosting, or anything along those lines the amount of dedication, and hardships that the boosters themselves had to go through in order to make it as a booster/coach. If you’re willing to set aside a few hours of research, cheap boosting can be found just about anywhere, offering a multitude of services, ranging from coaching, boosting, account sharing, and anything in between. This clearly has benefits, and downsides to boosting as a whole, it shouldn’t be as openly available to everybody as it is as of right now, but it also shouldn’t be as expensive as it is. If people want to get boosted, then they will go out of their way in order to get boosted or find people who are willing to boost them  / coach them. 

What do you think about boosting in Rainbow Six Siege? Do you think it negatively impacts the general player base or do you think there’s nothing wrong with boosting?

Akhil Khokhar
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