The Handmaid’s Tale Season 4 Hulu Release Date Seemingly Revealed By [CAST] Members, Interesting [SPOILERS], New Bonds And Many More


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The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu confirms season 4 of The Handmaid’s Tale at an event on Friday, July 26th. The TV series is an adaptation from Margaret Atwood’s novel with the same name.

The Golden Globe and Emmy winning drama will return for 13 more episodes. Season 3, we leave the fan with an interesting cliffhanger, and fans are eager to see what will happen in season 4.

The date for the premiere has not been decided yet. But as season 3 premiered in June, then the 4th season is likely to premiere in 2020 around spring/summer.

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The trailer for season 4 has not been out yet. But the official Twitter account of The Handmaid’s Tale posted a teaser, which showed June and her signature smirk hinting of all the rebellion that we will see in season 4.

Season 3 had shown that June remained back in Gilead for the sake of her daughter Hannah and took up a new post at commander Lawrence’s house, which led to a rebellion of Marthas.

Also, Emily, a fellow handmade, finds refuge in Canada along with Nichole, June’s newborn baby.

Aunt Lydia doesn’t die even after being stabbed and thrown down a flight of stairs. And Serena Waterford and June continue to be between friends and for.

Season 3  took us from the south of New England and to the capital. Then perhaps season 4 will be taking us into different territories.

Also, June traffics more than 50 children out of Gilead and into Canada. However, she gets shot while protecting these children, And we are not sure if she is dead or not.

The romantic relationship between June and Max Minghella Nick will change into something more in season 4. And neck might have a more significant role in next season.

Season 3 had not focused on Canada much, but according to showrunner Bruce Miller season, four will be providing the Gilead survivors the much-awaited screen time.

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