The Importance of Proper Punctuation Marks


It is very vital to know all the punctuation marks and their meanings to convey the right message. Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of written English and you should never take it lightly. Without proper punctuation marks on your content, you are just wasting your precious time as readers will think of reading your content for sure. You should understand that any error in punctuation will completely change the whole meaning of the sentence. 

Many students ignore or do not use the punctuation marks as they are not aware of the importance of using proper punctuation marks while writing their articles or various other written tasks. While writing content, they only focused on the other parts of writing like focusing on vocabulary, organizing ideas, and sentence fluency, ignoring the punctuation marks as they have to finish a lot of work in a short period. But to write high-quality content they must give importance to the punctuation rather than focusing on other things. To enhance your grammar skills, you can go for Grammarly free trial now. 

Using punctuation marks will give the right meaning to your sentences and also help your readers to understand properly what the writer wants to say exactly with the help of those sentences. You would be able to get good marks in your exams if you are focussing more on punctuation too. Most of the students give their best in writing good content and ignore punctuation which also plays an important role in getting good marks. 

Type of Punctuation Marks 

Full stop or Period

A full stop or period is always placed at the end of the declarative sentences, state, and also after the abbreviations.


  • I am going home
  • I am a Sr. Project Manager at Covenant Enterprise 

Question Mark (?)

A question mark should always be used at the end of the sentence when a straight question has been asked. You should never use a question mark at the question end in reported speech


  • When you are getting engaged?
  • When you are going home?

Exclamation Mark (!)

The better use of the exclamation mark is to end sentences that express an exclamation, speech that spoken very loudly or shouted or something which amuses the author. An exclamation can also be used in brackets after a sentence to show that the author finds it very ironic or humorous 


  • Hello! How are you?
  • Flood is coming! Jon Peter yelled

Semicolon (;)

The better use of the semicolon is to mark a break in the long sentence which is stronger than a comma but not a full stop. A semicolon can be used between two main clauses that balance each other and closely linked or related with each other which can be written in a single sentence only, without writing two different sentences.


  • The road runs through a better place; the railway line follows it.

At last, you should never underestimate the importance of using proper punctuation marks in your content.

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