The Significance of the Jewish Prayer Shawl- Tallit Gadol!


Jewish community considers wearing Tallit as a sign of pride. They feel honoured to dress in the way as the ancient people do of their land. With the Grace of G-d, now Jewish people are free to practice their religion without any fear.


According to Kabbalah, the Tallit which wrapped around the jews is an analogy of G-d’s infinite spanking light. The frings of the Tallit imply essential divine light on the G-d’s every creation. Jew’s law teaches that by wearing a Tallit and with the elements of frings makes Jewish people real in their life.


History of Talli:


For the Jewish community, Tallit is the most recognized and universal Jewish rituals and has a rich history from the time of millenia. There are so many myths, but where it comes from is still a mystery. According to the Hebrew Bible, G-d spoke to Moses to tell all the Jewish children to make fringe on the corners of their garments and also place a blue thread on the corner fringe.


The Jewish children will see the fringe and remember all the commandments of G-d. G-d says when you will remember and do all of my commandments only when you will be considered to be holy for your G-d. G-d has told Moses that only for the males Jewish child, it is essential to wear four-cornered garments. The girl’s soul is much purer than boys. But there is no myth that a girl can’t wear tallits.


Today it seems that the presence of fringes on the garments keep the thoughts of jews pure and oriented to their creator. In ancient times, Jewish people used to wra[p themselves in a rectangular garment with fringes. But now the style has changed. The Rabbis decided to go out and inspire people to wear four-cornered garments to realize themselves honoured and deeply significant mitzvah by wearing it. Rabbis introduced two different garments for this purpose.


  1. Tallit katan:


Wearing a larger tallit is tough enough throughout the day. Therefore this small Tallit katan was introduced. It is also known as tzitzit and arba kanfot. The small rectangular garment with a neck hole has ritual fringes on its four corners. It was introduced to wear under the regular garments of Jewish people all day every day.


  1. Tallit Gadol:


The tallit gadol is a larger rectangular garment with fringes on its four corners. The fringes are made with ritual woollen knits. Due to its larger size, it is challenging to wear it every day as a regular garment. Therefore jews wore it as a prayer shawl during everyday morning prayers or on special worship occasions.


Buy Tallit Gadol:


When it comes to purchasing a tallit gadol, then it is recommended to buy the expensive one with the best fabric quality. After all, it is a symbol of your pride and connection with God and also reminds you that you are living on such a beautiful and religious land. While purchasing Tallit, make sure that the frings are made of wool, and it is recommended that purchase it from a reputed Jewish shop which takes care of Jewish rituals.


For special occasions like marriage or other worship services, people try to get a modern and decorative tallit with a silver atarah or a crown on its headpiece. But before purchasing a decorative tallit gadol comply with the adornments with Jewish law.



Wear the pride of the Jewish rituals and always keep the commandments of G-d in your heart. To get the best tallit gadol to go URL of the Judaica store


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