Top 5 Best Romantic Hollywood Movies You Should Watch At Least Once


Movies are something which have been made to entertain, right? Movies contain some kind of charm and magic in them which makes people feel the story and live it in real. Movies have been produced since a long time now and if someone asks you about the date of the first movie release, all you can answer will be an ”Umm”! 

Movie come in various genres – action, romance, Sci-Fi etc. And almost every country has its own movie production sector. Like the Hollywood industry of America, India has Bollywood and many more. Romantic movies have been one of the most watched genres of movies and have captured a lot of audience! Bollywood romantic movies have their own audience while Hollywood ones have their own and so on!

But there are some masterpieces which are so well written, so well enacted that audience from all around the world love them. And similarly, the are some masterclass romantic movies that are so well produced that the audience can feel the love and feelings in them. When it comes to Hollywood, the best accolade one can get is the Oscar. Here is a list of the top 5 best Romantic Hollywood movies which have an Oscar or two to their name –


This movie is one of the greatest romantic flicks you’ll ever witness and has about 7 Oscars to its name!

The film’s plot revolves around the young and famous writer William Shakespeare so is working on one of his plays but is short on ideas and money. He struggles a lot but finds no success. The female counterpart is one of his biggest fans who dreams of becoming an actress in an age where acting is not allowed to females. Going forward in the story, both of them find themselves in an evergreen quest of love and along with his ideal girl, Shakespeare also find rich ideas for his plays. Overall the story is about the struggles they face in their rich love story!


This film set a numerous number of records on fire after its release and is considered one of the best romantic movies ever produced in Hollywood and has 4 Oscars to its name!

The film is set against the backdrop of the Cold War Era in America where Elisa lives a life of isolation in a top secret experimental lab as a cleaning lady. She has list all goes from life but her life suddenly takes a turn after she discovers a man-fish like creature living in a tank in the lab. She develops a deep boobs with him and falls in love with him. The film is about the deep love they share and how true love doesn’t see organisms!


This romantic film was the first one to notch an Oscar in each category of nomination, a feat that couldn’t be broken for four decades long!

The story revolves around a spoilt heiress who is married to the King by her father because of money and then is kidnapped by her father himself. The girl however escapes from her father’s ship to fall in with a cynical reporter who promises to help her in returning to her new husband but in return demands a juicy story. What makes the film special is the story of how to people from different backgrounds fall in love and fight against anything for it!


This movie may not be suggested for everyone but for those who have this on their list, it is a great romantic movie with a great storyline!

The movie is about an English Literature student who, as a help to her sick friend, goes on to interview a billionaire business. Incidentally the man turns out be a handsome but troubled one and both of them hit off right away! With both of them in deep love, the girls later realised that  her troubled man has a big desire to control everything with his power and money, including her own life!


The fairy tale movie named Annie Hall is one of the most heartfelt romantic movies of Hollywood and has four Oscars to its name.

The film is about a successful but neurotic comedian who is in search of the true meaning of life. He meets a small time singer girl who is equally neurotic like him. Regardless of their initial cautions, both of them connect and the audience is blown away by their chemistry and romance. This one was of the best live stories describing true love during the 1970s!

These were the Top 5 best romantic films Hollywood has ever produced and all of these are a must watch!

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