Why You Must Use VPN On Firestick


Firestick can be used on TV to have seamless android experience. Firestick is limited in terms of performance as it restricts users from using some apps and accessing some features of a normal Android TV. Therefore, many people prefer using a VPN to use Firestick to get a good user experience while using their TV. Let’s discuss five reasons why you should use a VPN on Firestick.

Hide Your Activity From Government

The government keeps track of all your online activity that you do, be it on your TV or your Android device. It means that your privacy is not maintained, and the government is always tracking you. No matter what websites you visit, or how secure they are, the emails you send, all of them are being tracked by several government agencies for the sake of national security. However, this has been done to increase the security of the country, and nobody would want their activity and online footprints to be tracked by anyone for any good reason.


This is the most significant reason why people prefer using a VPN on their Firestick. You might want to browse a website that is illegal but doesn’t want to get tracked by anyone, and then the VPN can be your protection against getting tracked. A VPN does connect you to other servers blocking anyone from tracking you. Not only does this hides your activity from government agencies by also from ads. Ads can be annoying when you are browsing a website or viewing a video.


Moreover, it sucks to know that what you are searching for is tracked and used to provide you ads. Ads companies use your data given by you on a website and provide you annoying ads. Using VPN blocks ad companies from tracking your search data and provide you annoying ads.


Using Kodi Or Similar Streaming Apps


Kodi has been one of the most popular streaming apps, which provide you with links to free movies and TV shows. Well, these sites may be illegal to access and may have copyright content, which on accessing can leave you to some serious legal threats.


However, Kodi provides you link to all of the movies that have been released and are a free streaming service, but the users are always prone to falling prey to any legal threats. Using a VPN is what prevents you from falling into any legal threats. Many countries prevent the use of copyright content and using them without permission can lead you to some serious issues. However, using a VPN is safe and allows you to access those sites.


Bypassing Websites

When it comes to browsing sites, there are some allegations to use some sites in particular countries. Some countries prevent users from accessing sites like Facebook and other social media sites, and accessing them can be risky. Also, when you are connected to your school or work server, you can still not access various sites.


Work servers have blocked access to some sites in which employees cannot access them while connected to work servers. Using a VPN on Firestick can allow you to access all the blocked sites that are blocked by your country or in your office. Many Kodi add-ons ask to enter Real-Debrid credentials and some needs Kodi addons pin to access the content. So, users need to register an account or generate a PIN on respective website. Hence, you’re exposing your identity and it’s not advisable to do.

Avail Netflix USA

When using Firestick, Netflix is one of the most common apps that can be installed on the TV. Netflix is available to all the countries, and that is a good point, but Netflix USA provides more video library than any other country. However, Netflix is available to all the countries blocks some content as well. Some web series or movies on Netflix are only limited to some countries. Netflix USA library has all the web series and movies available without any restriction to the content.


Using VPN, you can access Netflix USA library at ease. Also, there are various services that are only limited to some countries. For instance, some movies like Avengers Endgame on Amazon prime video are available to only a few countries. Using a VPN to connect to the server of the countries allow you to access all the shows and movies restricted in your country.


Enhance Your Gaming Experience


Back were the days when people enjoyed playing offline games; however, online games are now more popular. People from all over the world play online games. Well, online games are also limited in terms of gameplay. When playing an online game, you can only access a few servers. Different servers have different benefits, and players take advantage of it to increase their leagues. For instance, while playing PUBG in different servers lands you with players with novice skills. Killing these players will give you more experience and will also increase your Royal Pass and league. Similarly, we can take the example of Clash Of Clans.


There are some country’s servers that provide you with very weak bases for competition and the villages with more loots like gold and elixir. Playing in your country server will be limited and not allow you to take the benefits of playing on different servers. For this reason, many people install a VPN. VPN players can connect to the server of the countries they want to enjoy the game server in. Doing this will allow you to connect you to the particular country server on your game and allow you to experience the gameplay from that server.





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