Your Guide To Making A Video Wedding Invitation In Minutes


The days of paper invitations are past us now. Today, we are more connected to the online world and the internet, which allows us to invite our friends and family members digitally. Think of the beautiful and creative digital invitations that you have been receiving now. There is a unique variety of invite for all the different kinds of events we attend today!

However, how can you make a video wedding invitation which stands out and can be prepared in some minutes? Let’s find out.

This article will discuss how you can utilize an easy video editor to create a wedding invitation.

How to Create a Video Wedding Invitation in Minutes?

In this data-driven and technological era, every celebration is a chance to show your creativity. You can create an appealing and personalized video invitation in just a few steps. Here’s how you can do it:

Download a Video Creation Platform

A video creation platform can help you make a video without any hassle. So, find a good video creating a platform such as Invideo. You don’t have to understand complex editing and graphic designing if you select the right platform.

However, ensure that the platform is user-friendly and easy-to-use before going ahead.

Select the Template

Usually, a video creation app offers you a series of free wedding invitation templates.

You can explore the list, check the templates, and see if you can customize any template according to your needs. This makes your work extremely simple. You can practically create a short video in 5-15 minutes if you utilize a pre-designed template.

These applications and modules also have an option to personalize the template a bit according to your requirements. This is great if you already have a wedding video invitation idea in mind. You can select a similar template and edit it according to your requirements.

Choose the Pictures

Once you have selected the template and the theme of the wedding invitation video, select the pictures you want to include in the video. Pictures make the video invitation a bit more engaging and give it a personal touch.

For instance, if you are making a wedding invitation featuring your story, you can utilize pictures from every occasion of your relationship. This allows your guests to connect with you and enjoy more.

Place the Text

After selecting and adding the pictures to your video, add the text to the video. This text should contain basic details such as date, venue, time, and dress code.

You can also include additional text according to your theme. However, it is best to keep the textual part to a minimum. A lot of people like to view the invitation without reading a lot of text or sentences. So, pick your words carefully.

Add the Audio

Lastly, add an audio file to your wedding invitation. It should match with the theme (Usually, slow music).

You can download your video after this and start sending it to your guests. You can easily resize the file according to your requirements and also export the file to platforms like YouTube.

Tips to Make a Video Wedding Invitation in Minutes

You can make your wedding invitation highly engaging and appealing with these tips. Read more to know how you should tweak your video content.

  • Choose the Right Words

When making a wedding video invitation, don’t forget to include the following things:

  • Your name
  • Your partner’s name
  • Time and date
  • Venue

These are the basic things that you should add. Other than this, try to keep the language simple yet interactive. Keep the words to a minimum and utilize short quotes to allow the audience to intake the essence of the video.

  • Add the Right Music

The music should match your theme. Choosing very fast and pop music will only go with a video that is created in a similar manner. Generally, slow music complements the wedding invitation due to its nature.

If you are not sure which type of music to choose, slow music won’t fail you.

Additionally, make your music match your theme. If you are telling your story in the invitation, add a song that means a lot to you. You can also add music, which includes a story itself.

You can also add voice-over in the above case.

  • Create a Theme

Try to create a theme for your invitation. If you are using romantic pictures with a floral background in the starting, the consistency should be maintained throughout the video. Don’t end with a funny background. Decide one theme, whether you want serious, funny, or romantic, and follow it in the whole invitation.

Additionally, the filters, lights, and other editing elements in the video should be consistently added in the whole video.

You should select the right colors for your invitation. A good invitation is a mixture of right pictures, music, colors, font, and text. Therefore, your colors and font should match your theme.

If you are taking a fun theme, you can take bold colors and an informal font. But, if you are choosing a romantic theme, the font should be formal, and colors should be soothing, such as pastels and baby pink.

  • Keep the Length Short

The ideal video invitation length is around 30-60 seconds. Don’t make the video shorter than or longer than this.

In a short video, full information might not be delivered to the guests. In a long video, you may end up losing the interest of your viewer. So, keep the optimum length of the video for better results.

  • Add a Personal Touch


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