Mad Max Fury Road Sequel- upcoming News, Is There Any New Villain Bumping This Time, Air Date And Cast, Latest Updates Are Here, Grab Them All


Despite 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road becoming an on-the-spot hit and fans shrieking for more.
The sequel Mad Max: The Wasteland is caught in an oblivion.

George Miller felt the series was done after the premiere of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome in 1985.
It took fifteen years for him to envision the idea of Fury Road. And it is the way of life in Hollywood. The creator took another fifteen years for the movie to premiere.

Indeed it was a long journey, but Mad Max: Fury Road was universally praised when it came out. The movie soon became the best of the franchise.
The film was also a great hit for an R-rating action film at the box office and, the Oscars as well.
Regardless of the success, studio politics have put a long hold on the series for now.

Mad Max: Fury Road Sequel: Will It Happen?

George Miller had a long break, to begin with, Mad Max: Fury Road, and consecutively he finished two more scripts, including Mad Max: The Wasteland.
Out of these scripts, one is a prequel that promotes the Vuvalini from Fury Road, proposing it may be the Furiosa anime script.
Furiosa became an exemplary figure of her own. However, Both Miller and Charlize Theron claim that they would love to make a solo movie with the character.

Also, Miller expressed that Mad Max: The Wasteland would not be a straight sequel to the former movie.
So Furiosa may or may not be there with them, also suggesting that the film this time will be on a smaller scale.
It will have a lower budget and lesser stunts. The filmmaker agreeably said to go on a break from the series, but he also wants to return for The Wasteland.

When Will Mad Max: Fury Road’s Sequel Release?

We know from George Miller’s interview that the film is under production process. Pre-production work is already underway.
But when will we get to see the next movie? There is no confirmation about it.
The premiere will not happen this year, that is for sure.

We only have some itsy-bitsy information about the movie, so we don’t have a confirm date. Maybe 2021, maybe 2022, maybe another 25 years, who knows?

Who All Will Be Starring In The Mad Max: Fury Road’s Sequel?

Tom Hardy has always been very optimistic about the happening of the movie. Hardy and George Miller both hinted in different interviews that the film would happen.
The actor signed up for three movies from day one.
So we can say that the role was specifically for Tom Hardy.

Apart from him, we might also get to witness Charlize Theron’s return. She has shown her interest to return for the sequel. But will she be back after the feud that arose between Theron and Hardy?
It depends on whether they have made their amends and are on good terms now.
No confirmation is there apart from Tom Hardy about the cast for the sequel. Therefore, We do not have many details about who else will be seen in the sequel. We will surely get updates as soon as the makers confirm something.

That’s all we have, for now. For further details, stay tuned.