Mad Max Fury Road Sequel- upcoming News, Is There Any New Villain Bumping This Time, Air Date And Cast, Latest Updates Are Here, Grab Them All


Are we having a sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road? When is the release date and more? Read along to find out! 

Mad Max: Fury Road is an action film directed by George Miller. It released back in 2015 and was an average hit as per many media reports. 

Is a release possible? 

Director Miller thinks so! After the release of Mad Max in 2015, Miller wanted to follow up with two more movies. They are titled Mad Max: The Wasteland, and a prequel under the working title Furiosa. 

The rumors surfaced again when in an interview last year, Miller said that he was ‘not done with Mad Max story’ and that there is certainly more to Mad Max in the coming years and preparations have begun. 

When is the release?

We know from the interview that the movie is still under construction. Pre-production work has already started. But when will we get the next movie, is not known for now. 

The release may not be this year, that is for sure. Very little is known about it, so we don’t have a solid date. 

Late 2021 or early 2022, if everything wraps up fast, seems to be the probable timeline. 

As soon as we will get any update, we will tell you guys here. So watch out fam!

What about the cast? 

Tom Hardy will be in the film. The actor originally signed up for three movies. So there you go! The roles were made by keeping Tom in mind. 

Charlize Theron can also return. He has expressed his interest to be back for the film. Will he be in or out? 

It depends on whether he has made amends with Miller or not after their reported feud on the sets of Mad Max.

We do not have much information about the other cast members. When the filming time comes closer, we will get more news on this. 


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