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Gizmo Story is the sweetest gamble we have came across in our lives, started in 2019, It comes into life after a bunch of cinema and gaming maniacs decided to share their opinions. Gizmo Story offers its readers with all the latest news & reviews about a wide range of categories such as Movies, TV, Gaming, Anime including Korean and Chinese Drama.

Our team consists of just not keyboard warriors but a huge fanatic of their respective genres. Despite mixed backgrounds in publishing, journalism, and creative writing, Gizmo Story editors, writers, and contributors have one thing in common: a passion for the movie, tv, gaming & anime industry. As proud Movies Nerds, we are very delighted and excited about creating a platform that will hopefully have the answer to every query of a fellow movie, tv, anime & gaming lover.

We have achieved several milestones in its active years till now, but nothing keeps us from doing better and better. Since more and more people seem to indulge in content, we aim to provide much better content which readers prefer.

Further information about our ownership and funding, writers, editors and contributors along with contact information, can be found at their respective pages. For more information about Gizmo Story – check out our contact us.

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