Borderlands 3 Update INCREASES Loot Drops, New Update & Gets New Shift Code for Three Golden Keys, The New Hotfix Is Here Revamped Anointed Effects & More!


Borderlands 3 proved to be one of the unquestionable hits of 2019. Developed by Gearbox Software, the RPG turned quite a few heads after its release. The gameplay received a major boost compared to the previous instalments. With the game also being the best multiplayer games of last year.

But things have heated up again this year. Addressing a few of its complaints, Borderlands 3 returned with several new updates. Some are fixing minor bugs, but it also comes with the new campaign modes. But there is so much more to discuss the new updates available and what it means.

Borderlands 3: New Updated Modes

The game returned this September with the new updates for the game. It became immediately available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia users. The game has looked to include several new features in the latest updates.

The first of which is the Bounty of Blood campaign add on. The campaign will be available in English and German voice-over. The campaign is going to increase the level cap. It will now be at the 60 levels in comparison to the former 3. The players will also have a more dynamic gaming experience with Aftershocks and Dead Men Walking features. There is no longer going to be floating cash registers or Juno getting stuck.

Furthermore, Mayhem Mode has also received a lot of care. Your level within the mode is going to determine the damage scale from hereon. Every attack style will be given a separate damage score.  There is also a new Grenade Mode, and you can loot Mayhem Gear from all sources. There are also improvements in vehicular damage.

Borderlands 3: General Updates

Apart from new modes, the game has also done a fair share of improvements in other spheres. Firstly crash while playing a few missions have been rectified with the special focus on improving the command input on PC. At the same time, you can now inflict more damage with unique action skills and melee attacks.

The weapons are also touted to be more destructive following the latest updates. Gamers can also enter the game with three extra golden keys. All they need is the code- KJCTJ-F9RZH-X3WS5-ZTWB3-BZR6J. It is still unsure how long the code will last. So make hay while the sun shines.

Borderlands 3: About the Game

The game takes place in the fictitious planet of Pandora, seven years after Borderlands 2. The game shall begin with Vault Hunters landing on the planet after receiving a call from Crimson Raiders. The two rally up and head for Vault.

The attraction of the game lied in its action. The role-playing game allows the user to join or alone. There are four classes of characters available. Earn experience by taking several different missions and climbing up the ladder. The advanced guns were always excellent and are far better after the latest updates.

Despite the game being an instant hit, there were several anomalies that had to be sorted out. The updates address all those facts and intend on improving the game even further. With no more bothersome glitches, players can go in guns slinging.