Borderlands 3 Update INCREASES Loot Drops, New Update & Gets New Shift Code for Three Golden Keys, The New Hotfix Is Here Revamped Anointed Effects & More!


Borderlands 3 is one of our favourite video games! Is it your favourite too? Read the article till the end to find out all the details!

Borderland is a video game which is now out with its third part. The third part was released in September, and fans now seem to be loving it! 

Is it a hit?

Apparently, yes! According to the website known as PlayTracker, it is! Borderland 3 has reportedly sold 2 million copies. Which is a whopping figure!

This is a record sales at Epic Game store seem to speak for itself. The fans of Borderland are buying it with lightning speed and we don’t see anyone complaining! 

Get a new shift code for three golden keys! 

A Twitter user gave us a way to get three golden keys! 

The code is


Till when the code will work is not known. Nor is it mentioned anywhere. So get on with it guys! As soon as possible. You never know! The code might expire sooner than we think!

Also, comment below if you can confirm the validity of the code. And if you get to know for how long one can use it! 

If we get to know about it don’t worry, we will update you with it! Till then, keep on playing gamers!! 

About the game

The game is about farming. ‘Farming frenzy’ is what they call it. Just like the ICC World Cup where you play cricket, in this game, you engage in farming. 

Anointed legendary drop rates!

This change is loved by gamers who have been playing Borderland for a long time. And seems as if they want to make this change permanent. 

Well, you never know! With Borderland 3 being a hit, some welcomed changes might become permanent!


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