Top 5 Best Adventure Games To Bring Out The Hidden Gamer In You!


With the invention of smart phone, it can be said that a lot of new things and stuffs have popped up out of no where. When there were no smart phones, people used to spend their time working out physically playing games or find something engaging. But with the new tool smart phone in their hands, people have limited themselves to the digital world, if not more then not less too!

Smart phones have come up with many tasks in them which people were not able to do in the physical world. But this invention has opened up a completely new digital world where a lot of unique and variety things can be tried. If all these new stuffs, gaming is an important thing. Studies show that about 43% of users purchase smart phones and mobile phones to spend their time playing games. So it will not be wrong to say that games are an integral component that should be present in a smart phone!

Games basically have different genres like action, adventure, shooting etc. And the adventure genre is one of the most liked and played one! So are you an adventure lover? Do you want to experience real adventure in the digital world? Here is a list of Top 5 best adventure games for smartphones –


Alto’s Odyssey has been voted as the best Offline Android game and there is surely a reason behind it. The game promises a lot of action and suspense throughout and appeals mostly those who love thrill and action.

The game is about Alto and his friends who go on an endless sandboarding journey across a dessert and discover its unknown secrets. The game promises to offer a standalone experience while playing and the graphics add to it. The controls are easy to learn with the one-touch trick system being introduced. One can do a lot of things in the game like exploring different biomes, go sandboarding or soaring in the sky with hit air balloons and many more! Truly it’s an engaging game!


Mojang Inc. have launched the best PC adventure game into smartphone now! Minecraft PC is now available as Minecraft Pocket Edition!

Minecraft is basically an adventure game where players are spawned in a random world and they have to survive till the end! As goes its name, Minecraft means to mine various is like gold, diamond, iron, coal etc. and craft various usable items from them. After surviving till the end, they get fight the main boss and then the game is over. In the journey, players will get to face a lot of mobs like skeleton archer, creeper zombie, normal zombie and many more. 


Making Fun Inc. have brought back the old school RPG game as a classic one with the title Eternium. It is an amazingly crafted and designed game for the classic Role Playing game lovers.

Players get to choose from the characters – Mage, Warrior or Country Hunter – and these can be upgraded as the game advances. Players have to battle epic enemies like aliens, skeletons, zombies, demons, dragons and many more while exploring the dark caves, dragon castles, outer space, graveyards and others. The game currency, gems, is obtained by defeating the enemies. The graphics and storyline are amazingly crafted and the features like companions, three stages of gears of the hero etc. make the game worth playing. 


The Crashlands is one of the best Action-Adventure games that has been featured in the Play Store till date. 

The game is all about crafting items, taming beasts and battling the way out through an alien land named Crashlands. Players have to play as Flux Dabes, a Galactic Trucker who’s attached by an alien king and is left stranded on Crashlands. The game requires some really good strategies to play. The game offers a lot of features which include RPG-styled gameplay, over 5000+ craft-able items and tameable creatures, skill based combat system and many more! The graphics are appealing as well!


We all must have watched the Hollywood movie series of Harry Potter during our childhood and there are many of the who are still great fans of the films.

For them, Jam City Inc. has brought the Harry Potter game which is an awesome gift for the hands. This game will let you play as Harry Potter in the world of Wizards and players can to a whole lot of things there. Players can brew spells with Professor Snape, solve the mysteries of the Hogwarts with Dumbledore, befriend magical creatures and win various events and do many more things. It has an engaging story and some really cool graphics!

These were the Top 5 best adventure games on smartphone a gamer should play once in his lifetime!

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